Nema 4x and NSF Exit Sign and Emergency Light Combo - Red Letters

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Nema 4x and NSF Exit and Emergency Light Combo | INDCWLEZU Series

The INDCWLEZU Series stands at the forefront of NEMA 4X and NSF certified emergency lighting solutions, meticulously crafted for extreme commercial and heavy industrial environments. As a vital member of the IND family, known for safeguarding against humidity, dust, and water infiltration, the INDCWLEZU Series includes the INDWLEZU (Exit Sign), INDCWLEZU (Exit Combo), INDEMR16 (Emergency Lighting Unit), and INDRHLED16 (Remote Head). Engineered with a reinforced polycarbonate enclosure and an impact-resistant, UV-stable polycarbonate lens, this series thrives in vandal-prone areas and Wet Locations.

Key Features:

Illumination: Illuminate your space with long-life, high-intensity green or red LEDs, featuring two 3.3W LED MR16 style lamp heads for optimal visibility.

Housing Options: Choose between a crisp white or sleek black finish for the main housing, ensuring seamless integration into your environment. The housing is expertly crafted from NEMA 4X rated polycarbonate material, providing resilience against external elements.

Battery Choices: Opt for either maintenance-free sealed lead calcium or NiCad batteries, each with its own advantages. Sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries offer durability lasting 3 to 5 years, while NiCd batteries boast a longer shelf life of around 10 years.

Operating Temperature: Adapt to varying conditions with specified temperature ranges based on the model, including a cold location option for temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F).

Run Time: Experience a reliable 90-minute emergency run time with a 24-hour recharge time, ensuring sustained illumination during critical situations.

Legend Visibility: Benefit from fully illuminated 6″ characters with a 3/4″ stroke, enhancing visibility and adherence to safety regulations.

Mounting Options: Enjoy flexibility in installation with back, end, or top mount options, catering to diverse spatial requirements.

Color Variety: Personalize your emergency lighting with a choice between a classic Black or pristine White finish, ensuring aesthetic harmony with your surroundings.

In addition to the INDCWLEZU Series, explore various battery options, including Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd), each catering to specific application needs. Be mindful of battery warnings, ensuring safe usage. Whether it's the 6 Volt or 12 Volt rechargeable batteries, consider the advantages of different types and chemistries for your devices.

Enhance safety compliance with color-specific exit signs, such as Red for New York City and Chicago requirements, or Green for theater applications. Understand the significance of Damp Location, Wet Location, and Cold Weather options to tailor your emergency lighting strategy to environmental conditions.

Explore innovative features like Self-Testing, LED Lighting for energy efficiency, and Combo Units for a streamlined combination of exit signs and emergency lights. Benefit from Battery Backup capabilities, ensuring continued operation during power outages.

NEMA4X Rated enclosures offer protection against water, dust, and oil, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Ceiling Mount and Surface/Wall Mount options provide versatility in installation, ensuring a seamless fit into your specific space.

Elevate your emergency lighting strategy with the comprehensive and adaptable features of the INDCWLEZU Series and its associated options. Prioritize safety and compliance with a range of reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your unique environment.