Cooper Iris 3 Inch LED Air-tight Non-ICRated Adjustable MR16 Recessed Light Housing Platform PN3MR

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A 3" aperture specification grade adjustable housing platform that accepts 75W maximum low voltage MR16 tungsten-halogen lamps. Suitable for 2x6 residential framing or shallow commercial installation. Integral Truvolt™ toroidal wound magnetic step down transformer with dual outputs compensates for dimmer losses providing full light output and is extremely low noise. Die cast lamp capsule facilitates aim and focus, unique heat sink configuration lower critical lamp pinch extending life. The platform is airtight to prevent energy loss, room drafts, dust marks on ceilings and reduce sound transmission. Insulation must be kept 3" away from top and sides of the housing. A complete fixture requires two components; a P3MR housing platform and a 3" IRiS optical element. Elements may be changed after installation to provide a variety of distributions. Specifications Manufacturer Cooper SKU PN3MR Finish Black, White Dimmability Dimmable All trim types are available including baffle, alzac, wall wash, adjustable "eyeball", wet location and airtight rated trims. Call 1-800-480-0707 or email to choose popular trim colors including bronze, metallic, white, black or custom color options.