Black Emergency Light - LED Lamps - Remote Head Capable

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When it comes to fashionable emergency lights, LED is definitely the New Black! That's why the retail stores and boutiques along Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue and other high-fashion hubs are all switching to the long-life, eco-friendly Black Remote Capable LED Emergency Light. It uses incredibly efficient LED lamp heads to create a brilliant light path to get your staff, models and customers out of a showroom or boutique safely.

Typical fashion establishments do not require a whole lot of emergency lighting, and because the LED-90-R-BL comes with a 2.2-watt remote capable add-on feature, you can simultaneously power another LED luminary anywhere within a 20-foot radius. But let's face it, the only thing that matters is S-T-Y-L-E, and that's why these units are built into a smooth, injection molded black thermoplastic housing that effortlessly blends with any architecture, just like the "Little Black Dress" that goes along with any occasion!

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  • Universal back-mounting points for wall or ceiling installation
  • Attractive black impact resistant thermoplastic housing
  • (2) Field-adjustable 1-watt LED lamp heads
  • Additional remote capacity of 2.2 watts - powers two luminaries with a single battery!
  • UL 924 Listed
  • Includes NiCad backup battery
  • 90-minute emergency runtime per ETL guidelines
  • 15-year expected lifespan


These UL-listed emergency battery units can be put anywhere there is an electrical junction box or conduit. A universal J-box mounting pattern on the rear of the unit allows even a non-electrician to install. Just make sure the circuit is isolated (i.e. turned off) so you don't shock youSelf trying to wire the unit.

In a modular square or rectangular showroom, you can place one LED-90-R-BL above the entrance and another battery-less model in the back of the store, connected by a remote cable to power both in one fell swoop. If you have a hallway, it's best to mount your twin black LED emergency lights between 14' and 18' apart to get an ideal 3' to 6' light coverage on the exit pathway.

External Specifications

The black thermoplastic housing and lamp heads have a smooth appearance that is not cluttered with indicator lights or warning labels. The square LED lamp heads can be hand adjusted to face any direction that best serves your egress pathway requirements and are slung close to the battery unit to give the luminary a very low-profile. To test the lamps and battery readiness, just press the push-to-test button at the bottom of the housing to simulate a power failure.

Internal Specifications

Unlike standard incandescent or halogen bulbs that get super-hot, suck up energy and only last from 100-300 hours, the LED-90-R-BL emergency light uses cool-burning and highly efficient LED lamp heads containing 12 diodes a piece. Each head only consumes 1 watt of electricity and both heads are rated to last no less than 100,000 hours. That's like five years, people!

Electrical Specifications

Electrically speaking, the LED-90-R-BL fits just about any commercial or residential voltage requirements, between 120 and 277VAC. This little light is equipped with AC lockout, low-voltage disconnect and brown-out protection circuitry to ensure the light comes on when power goes out…guaranteed!

Code Compliance

  • U.L. 924
  • ETL Listed
  • N.E.C. 700
  • N.F.P.A. 101


  • 3-Years for the unit, lamps and connected parts
  • 5-Years on the NiCad battery