Lamp 12 volt 5.4 watt Indicator Wedge Base - 3 Bulb Pack

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One of the most widely used lamps for indoor emergency lights and exit signs, our 12V 5.4W Emergency Light Bulb is perfect for small businesses and retail stores that only need a small amount of illumination. The LP-107 can be installed into most thermoplastic emergency luminaries and exit sign combo fixtures that accept a mini wedge base. It consumes an average 5.4 watts when activated, yet requires almost no power when it is off.

The best feature about this compact high intensity incandescent lamp is its ease of installation. Just click the mini wedge base into the appropriate socket and pop it out when you need to change it out. This T5 shape is common in lower output signs and battery units, for establishments that don't have a lot of exits to cover and where only a nominal amount of emergency lighting is required to stay UL compliant. The LP-107 generates a 2800K color temperature which creates a warm yellow glow that is not harmful to the eyes.

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  • Lamp Type: Incandescent
  • Sub-Type: High Intensity
  • Shape: T5
  • Base: Mini Wedge
  • Filament: C2R
  • Average Lumen: 150
  • Candelas: 12
  • foot-candles (at 8ft): 0.2
  • Color Temp: 2800K
  • CRI: 95
  • Compatible with 12-volt SLA, NiCd and NiMh emergency batteries
  • Average Lifespan: 500 hours


Almost all indoor emergency lights or combination exit signs with either round or square incandescent lamp heads will accept this bulb. Some lower-powered oudoor Par 36 heads will also accept this type if the required illumination level of 1 foot-candle per square foot is met. If you own a business like a liquor store or mall outlet that only needs a little bit of light to stay compliant, this incandescent lamp is probably for you. Call us at 800.480.0707 to find out if the LP-107 is the right emergency lamp for you or email us at

Electrical Specifications

  • Capacity: 12 Volts AC
  • Watts Consumed: 5.4W


  • Diameter: 0.62"
  • Length: 1.49"