Lamp Sealed Beam Incandescent - 6 volt 12 watt

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Remember your first car or motor scooter? The headlights would beam light as far as the eye could see. Oh and don’t forget those flood lights that your parents would turn on before bed. They seemingly would illuminate the backyard as if it were sunlight. Now, that’s the power of the sealed beam incandescent emergency light bulb.

At 6 volts, 12 watts, this bugged-eyed unit gives off a very distinctive radiance compared to other bulb types. It’s ideal for indoor architectural and industrial, wet location and exit emergency units. Some places in particular include: for area lighting, landscape lighting, track lighting, stage spot lighting, and other applications including for emergency.

In case you were wondering, our sealed beam incandescent lamps come as a slip-on (or screw) terminal. This meaning that bulb can be removed by simple twisting of the wrist.

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  • Slip On Terminal or Screw base (G53)
  • Low Voltage
  • Landscape & Industrial Application
  • Par 36 shape in diameter
  • Beam Spread: Horizontal measurement 30.0 feet in distance Vertical 20 feet.


Our sealed beam emergency light and be either wall or ceiling mounted with as part of other fixtures (exit sign combos) which are ideal for applications such as:

  • Backyard
  • Emergency Exit Lighting
  • Track Lighting
  • Billboards

External Specifications

The par 36 sealed beam emergency lamp measures at 2.75 in Length and 4.5 in diameter.

Internal Specifications

This lamp consists of a sealed beam par 36 lamp type with C-6 filament.

Electrical Specifications

Here’s a list of specs for this bulb:

  • 6-volt operation
  • 12-watt consumption
  • Voltage drop Maximum 5% - wiring distance in feet
  • 50,000 Hours of life


This is the list of compliance for this bulb:

  • U.L. Listed
  • U.L. 924
  • N.E.C. requirements
  • N.F.P.A. 101

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