Lamp, JCD Type 12 volt 8 watt Halogen G8 Bi Pin Base - 3 Bulb Pack

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It’s time to replace those halogen bulbs in your trusted emergency light. Besides, it’s very important to do so in order to keep in compliance with the state laws. With that in mind, consider our 12V 8W Bi-Pin Halogen Emergency Light Bulb.

Produced in shiny quartz glass, these tiny sized bulbs are used as a light source for several luminaries that give off powerful radiance. For example, oudoor emergency lighting or flashlights are the perfect units that this bulb can be used as a replacement.

One note of caution, the bulb’s glass should not be touched with bare hands. Oil from human hands that come in contact with the glass may cause premature failure.

The 12V 8W Bi-pin Halogen bulb’s small size is one major reason for its popularity. While utilizing a tungsten filament, this humbly sized tubular 2-pin solution is a great choice for energy efficiency. Adept to producing fine white light, this low voltage piece also consumes an average of 40% less power than their incandescent counterparts.


  • Bulb Type: T-2 ¬æ or ¬º
  • Base Type: GY 6.35
  • Filament: Tungsten
  • Lumen Output: 850
  • Lifespan: 2,000 Hours


Our halogen emergency light bulb is applicable for any wet or damp location fixture or setting.

Compatible with the following emergency lighting fixture:


  • .38‚Äù in diameter


  • This is the list of compliance for this bulb:
  • U.L. Listed
  • U.L. 924
  • N.E.C. requirements
  • N.F.P.A. 101

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