Lamp, T3 12 volt 10 watt Halogen G4 Bi Pin Base - 3 Bulb Pack

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The LP-320 is a super bright bulb perfect for remote-capable exit sign combo units that have halogen lamp heads. These 12V 10W Bi-Pin Emergency Light Bulbs are composite lamps that work with an aluminized reflector to ililluminate the immediate egress path with an average 5 foot-candles (fc). These emergency lamps are suitable for any 10-watt fixture with an 8.6 mm base. The LP-320 is rated for indoor and Damp Locations where there is moderate humidity. However if your luminary or combo unit is beneath a sprinkler, make sure the lamp heads are fitted with watertight gaskets.

Typically these 2-pin bulbs work in conjunction with a composite mirrored reflector and lens to throw the light in a given direction and increase the foot-candles on the floor. If your emergency fixture has a medium Edison screw base socket, contact us for an MSA bi-pin adapter.

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  • Lamp Type: Halogen
  • Sub-Type: JCD
  • Shape: T4
  • Base: GY8.6 2-pin
  • Filament: C8
  • Average Lumen: 200
  • Candelas: 13
  • foot-candles (at 8ft): 0.20
  • Color Temp: 3000K
  • CRI: 99
  • Compatible with 12-volt SLA, NiCd and NiMh emergency batteries
  • Average Lifespan: 1500 hours


Perfect in restaurants and fast food establishments that need a bright-white illumination source, but don't require the level of intensity that higher wattage bulbs produce. Since these low-to-midrange halogen bulbs only use 10W of electricity at a given time, you'll save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year to throw a company party…or buy more replacement bulbs!

Electrical Specifications

  • Capacity: 12 Volts AC
  • Watts Consumed: 10W


  • Diameter: 1.75"
  • Length: .75"