Exit Sign, NEMA 4X - Green LED - Black Housing (w/Battery Heater Options)

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Internal Heater?

Check out the nearly-identical Vandal Proof NEMA 4X Exit Sign.

NEMA 4x Wet Location Exit Sign Combo Cut-Sheet

Perfect in a kitchen setting and tougher than celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, the NEMA 4X Wet Location Green LED Exit Sign is a completely waterproof emergency sign solution. Each SVXN1G we deliver has been factory-sealed in a polyvinyl chloride case that never rusts or blisters and has been tested to exceed NEMA 4X watertight enclosure guidelines.

The signs face uses highly efficient green LED illumination and a semi-transparent green insert, creating an evenly ililluminated Exit font visible up to 100 feet away. This food processing-friendly sign will use up very little energy during its lifetime, consuming approximately 3-watts of AC electricity at any given time.

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  • High efficiency green LED strip consumes only 3 watts of AC electricity
  • Slim yet strong PVC case and Exit stencil faceplate, available in single and double sided variations
  • Vandal resistant polycarbonate face and lamp shields
  • Includes a tamper proof hex head for removing the vandal resistant screws
  • Self diagnostic tests the sign, lamps and battery at monthly/yearly intervals
  • UL Listed for Wet and Marine locations
  • Pulse-type charger extends the battery life and prevents contacts from corroding
  • Battery Heater option for cold conditions under 20¬∞ F


While red exit signs are commonly found on the East Coast, green is a more internationally-recognized exit illumination type and is more prevalent on the West Coast. This waterproof exit sign has a very thin profile and because there are very few metallic components, it can take a constant steaming in a kitchen setting without affecting the lamps or battery. The sign can be mounted away from the wall using a flag mounting bracket or hung from a ceiling using a canopy. But the most common installation is a flush mount right above the exit doors, using the back wall to brace the exit sign in case of a hard impact.

Exterior Specifications

The signs case is injection molded from PVC which is non flammable and will not flake when exposed to constant UV rays from the sun. And because PVC has no metal content, corrosion from moisture is impossible. To further protect the exit face, a clear polycarbonate shield is secured to the front with 6 tamper proof screws. Polycarbonate, like PVC, is also scratch proof and highly resistant to impact and water damage.

Best of all, these signs are individually tested in the factory to NEMA 4X watertight enclosure standards. This ensures that no dust, particles or water will be able to seep into the fixture.

Internal Specifications

To meet the high demands of the NEMA 4X rating, the signs removable stencil plate is lined with a rubber O-ring gasket that prevents water from entering. The sign is ililluminated by about 12 individual green LEDs placed along a thin circuit board which also trips the emergency battery when a fault is detected in normal AC flow. A pulse-type charger maintains the battery at all times and sends a small electromagnetic pulse that actually prevents the exposed leads from rusting. The sign comes standard with a self diagnostic display located inside the housing, alerting you if any fault is detected.

Electrical Specifications

  • Dual-voltage 120/277VAC operation is standard.
  • Custom voltages available like 220v and 240v.
  • Low power drain in standby mode
  • Isolated switch mode regulates current and voltage flow to lamps and battery
  • Automatic charge rate maximizes battery life

Code Compliance

  • UL 8750: LED Equipment for Use in Lighting Products
  • UL 924 Listed emergency runtime
  • UL1598A Marine Outside Type
  • Housing tested to NEMA 4X watertight specifications
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • International Building Code
  • International Fire Code


  • The unit has a 3-year warranty from the date you purchased it and does not include lamps
  • The sealed nickel-cadmium battery carries a full 5-year warranty with a 5-year pro-rata warranty