LED Emergency Light, Wet Location Rated - 2x7W Heads

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Waterproof Emergency Light

The Wet Rated Emergency Light is designed for use oudoors and in other wet location applications. Waterproof emergency lights feature a plastic housing that is hermetically sealed so that moisture and other elements cannot enter the body of the unit. Two powerful tungsten lamp heads provide ample emergency lighting power and are easy to adjust. A 6-volt 4.5-amp battery backup provides at least 90 minutes of emergency power in case of power loss.

The gray plastic housing ensures its durability and corrosion resistance. A simple push button located on the side of the Waterproof Emergency Light allows for easy testing of the battery backup system's capability. Wet location emergency lights are not UL Listed.


aterproof Emergency Light Dimensions
  • Gray plastic housing is rated for oudoor locations
  • 7.2-watt lamps provide powerful illumination
  • Push-to-test button with LED charging indicator
  • Wet rated to UL924 standards, but not UL Listed
  • 5 year warranty


Suitable for indoor and oudoor use in wet locations and wash down areas. Corrosion and weather-resistant fiberglass housing can handle harsh environments. Popular for corridors, overhangs, and as a backup to oudoor security lights.

Electrical Specifications

120/277v AC dual-voltage operation is standard. Other voltages available upon request such as 220v and 240v.

Code Compliance

Wet location rated for the U.S. and Canada, CS860, NFPA, Life Safety 101, UL Listed for Damp Locations.


Five-year warranty on parts, five-year prorated warranty on battery.


8-10 year expected lifespan on all components except replaceable battery (five-year lifespan)


Waterproof emergency lights come with a 90-minute sealed lead acid battery backup system. Battery backup system features brownout protection and low-voltage disconnect, ensuring a long lifespan. Push button testing is easy and reliable.


Wet location rated means this unit is rugged and durable. The waterproof emergency light can provide powerful emergency light illumination in a variety of different environments.

Overall Value

A great value as it is offered at an affordable price and will handle the elements of rain, sleet, and snow for years to come.


This wet location emergency light is suitable for surface (wall and ceiling) installation. This model is suitable for indoor and oudoor wet location installations on normally inflammable surfaces. Use two of three provided wires to connect the unit to AC power. Use the black(120v) and black(Common) wires for 120v AC connections and the red(277v) and black(Common) wires for 277v AC connections.