Battery 12V 20Ah SLA

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The ELB-SLA-12200 is a 12 volt 20 amp sealed lead acid universal emergency light replacement battery. This is the one of the most popular emergency light batteries, featured in more than 100 models of emergency lights, exit signs, and emergency exit combo models. The ELB-SLA-12200 features F1 terminal tabs for easy connection.


Dimensions: 7.13" x 6.58" x 2.29Ó


    Easy to install
  • 24 hour recharge time
  • Sealed Lead Acid
  • Prorated 5 year warranty


The ELB-SLA-12200 works as a replacement battery for any emergency light or other fixture that utilizes a 12 volt 20 amp sealed lead acid battery.

External Specifications

Durable thermoplastic provides the housing of the battery.

Internal Specifications

Sealed Lead Acid operation.

Electrical Specifications

12-volt 20-amp


Five-year prorated warranty.

Maintenance Profile

The maintenance required is monthly and yearly testing of the battery backup system this battery is installed into per OSHA regulations.


5 year expected lifespan.

Overall Value

Affordable and reliable, this emergency light battery installs into more than 100 models making it a great value.


This emergency light battery features F1 connector tabs for easy connection.