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The WP-EXIT-CHI-BB Series wet location LED exit sign is designed for use oudoors and in other environments that feature moisture, such as wash-down areas. This fixture consists of one (1) Chicago-rated steel exit sign with a white finish, and one (1) NEMA rated fiberglass / polycarbonate outer housing. The steel sign is protected from corrosion inside the sealed and gasketed NEMA box. The letters on the face of this Chicago exit sign are red in color, 8 inches tall, and 1 inch wide.

All Chicago exit signs are evaluated and approved by the Chicago Building Department. All Chicago exit sign, including waterproof models, are required to operate using electricity, 120v or 277v AC. The WP-EXIT-CHI-BB Chicago wet location exit sign uses efficient LED technology to produce vibrant EXIT illumination. Red LEDs are the only color available per Chicago building and fire code regulations. This waterproof exit sign comes standard with a 90-minute battery backup system for operation after AC power is lost during an emergency power outage.

Wet location LED exit signs back mount onto normally inflammable surfaces. This is a single-sided exit sign which can be double-sided at an additional charge, simply select "Double" above when ordering. Other options include an internal battery heater, which insures the battery backup system's functionality in freezing environments. Chicago exit signs for wet locations are UL Listed and come with a five-year warranty.


  • Chicago Approved exit sign for wet locations
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Efficient - LED technology consumes less than 5 watts electricity
  • Push-to-test button with LED charging indicator
  • Long-lasting - 8 to 10 year EXIT sign solution
  • UL 924 Listed for the United States
  • 5 year warranty


The WP-EXIT-CHI-BB wet location exit sign is intended for indoor and oudoor use in wet locations. It is manufactured to the exit sign regulations set forth by the Chicago Building Department.

External Specifications

Entire unit is constructed from UV stabilized waterproof fiberglass polycarbonate. Housing is grey with red letters.

Internal Specifications

Red LEDs provide illumination while consuming less than 5 watts of electricity at all times. Battery backup system features nickel cadmium battery pack.

Electrical Specifications

120/277v AC dual-voltage operation is standard. Other voltages available upon request such as 220v and 240v. AC lockout prevents battery pack discharge. Low voltage battery disconnect protects the battery pack form being damaged by long discharge periods.

Code Compliance

Chicago Approved Wet Location Rated. UL 924 Listed for the U.S. and Canada, CS860, NFPA, Life Safety 101, UL Listed for Damp Locations.


Five-year warranty on parts, five-year prorated warranty on battery.

Maintenance Profile

The maintenance required for this wet location exit sign is monthly and yearly testing of the battery backup system per OSHA regulations. The nickel cadmium battery is replaceable.


8-10 year expected lifespan on all components except replaceable battery (five-year lifespan).


Internal Battery Heater- For freezing environments, the internal battery heater option will allow the emergency light and its battery backup system to function properly even when temperatures drop below 32 F. Please specify 120 or 277v AC connection.


Battery backup system features brownout protection and low-voltage disconnect, ensuring a long lifespan. Push button testing is easy and reliable.


Durable wet location, weatherproof construction is offered at an affordable price.

Overall Value

This Chicago exit sign is rated for extreme environments and offered at an affordable price.

Additional Information

Please note this is a custom manufactured product. Custom manufactured products cannot be returned or exchanged. Please see return policy or contact us for more information.


This wet location exit sign is suitable for surface (wall) installation. This model is suitable for indoor/oudoor and wet location installations on normally inflammable surfaces. Use two of three provided wires to connect the unit to AC power. Use the black(120v) and white(Common) wires for 120v AC connections and the red(277v) and white(Common) wires for 277v AC connections.