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High End Architectural Emergency Lights

architectural emergency lightsArchitectural emergency lighting systems are the pillars of a safe industrial environment. From office buildings to college dormitories to hospitals, people rely on backup emergency lights, or egress lights, during a power outage to evacuate. Not to mention they are a necessity for high-volume buildings to pass regulations. But just because egress lights have to be there doesn’t mean they need to be plain and stiff.

At Emergency Lights Co, we offer contractors a variety of cost-effective architectural emergency lights for indoor and outdoor use. Our affordable fixtures differ in size, design, power consumption, and other valuable features to satisfy building-specific needs. We’ll name just a few of our most popular models to familiarize you with your choices.


architectural emergency lightingFor architects who want a low-cost light without sacrificing design, look no further than our Low Profile Black Thermoplastic Emergency Light.
Priced at only $34.99, this low-profile black beauty is a highly demanded item. The angled lens are a perfect blend to any commercial and residential building. This particular model comes with a 5 year warranty, so unexpected damage - no problem.


To save maintenance cost, ordering low-power architectural emergency lights for your building is a smart choice.


Halogen lamps are half the size of their incandescent counterparts but offer the same brilliance. Simply put - compact yet illuminating.
We have a number of designs from the simple Halogen Emergency Lights to designer Black Thermoplastic Halogen model, built for the cool, “green” contractors.


architectural emergency lights with led opticsArchitectural emergency lights with LED optics are popular with clients with limited electrical power - they need only 4 watts per bulb! These bulbs are maintenance-free and have a 100,000 hour life. Check out our affordable Black LED Emergency Light, or, if you are looking for a luxurious mini wall-unit, this 5’’ x 5’’ x 2’’ Mini LED Lighting is the high-end, ultra compact selection.


Since architectural emergency lighting is already embedded into buildings, why not optimize their usage? Additional features, custom-finished housing, and flexible usage are attractive to designers and architects who want more for their value.

Multi-use Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights Co offers LED Emergency Light with Time Delay with an optional dual-mode feature so it can be turned on in normal conditions with a remote switch. So even if there isn’t a power outage, egress lights can still be put to good use.

Does your building require illuminated doorways? Then our linear models are a must-have. This Outdoor Linear unit with custom-finished lamp housing is a perfect fit for over-door lighting designs, great for indoor or outdoor.

Extreme Weather Conditions

extreme emergency lightSpeaking of outdoors, weather conditions can greatly alter the effectiveness of architectural emergency lights. Still, people need to evacuate under all circumstances.

The Fluorescent Wet Location model is guaranteed to function properly in damp locations. For locations exposed to severe humidity, dust, or snow, architects should implement this completely weather-proof Extreme Vandal Series emergency light into their design. After all, egress lights are not just a decorative wall piece - they are meant to be lifesaving.


With Emergency Lights Co, you won’t get a box of deliveries with a “good luck” note. We promise fast and reliable service to all our clients.

We understand choosing the right architectural emergency lighting fixture is an important step in design. Whether you need help with selection or have an item-specific question, we assure you that support is available 24/7, just contact us.

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