Architectural Emergency Lights

Architectural emergency lights represent a fusion of code-compliance and aesthetic appeal, offering highly decorative battery backup luminaires tailored for environments where visual appeal is as important as functionality. These sleek, stylish, and refined battery units and emergency light fixtures address all your building safety requirements with flair. Most architectural emergency lights can be personalized to your exact specifications, with many models offering downloadable spec sheets directly on the product page.

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Architectural emergency lighting systems are indispensable elements in ensuring safety within industrial settings. Whether in office buildings, college dormitories, or hospitals, backup emergency lights, also known as egress lights, play a crucial role in facilitating evacuation during power outages. Moreover, they are essential for ensuring compliance with regulations, particularly in high-occupancy buildings. However, while egress lights are a necessity, they need not be bland or rigid.

At Emergency Lights Co, we provide contractors with a diverse range of cost-effective architectural emergency lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our budget-friendly fixtures come in various sizes, designs, power consumption levels, and other features tailored to meet the specific requirements of different buildings. Here, we'll highlight a selection of our most popular models to help you explore your options.