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Exit Signs with Battery Backup

Red thermoplastic exit sign, used for low profile applications in buildings. LED exit signs with battery backup provide exceptional value and performance at an affordable cost. At Emergency Lights Co., we pride ourselves on offering a broad range of options, along with excellent customer service and product support. As you search for the right emergency lighting to suit your needs, here are a few reasons to consider choosing battery backup exit signs from Emergency Lights Co.:

    • Price: With a lowest price guarantee, units start at less than $20 each.
    • Ease of use: Units are designed to allow for simple, straightforward installation and mounting to a variety of substrates, saving our customers valuable time and effort.
    • Efficiency: At less than 5 watts of electricity, a particular advantage of LED exit signs with battery backup is extremely low energy consumption.
    • Suitability for all environments: Many models, such as this NEMA 4x wet location green LED exit sign, are expertly crafted for environments in which weatherproofing, impact exposure, or climate changes are a factor.
    • Guaranteed compliance: All units are UL listed and meet (or exceed) safety compliance standards throughout the United States.
    • Superior service: As a leader in the industry, we’re committed to being a resource for our customers at every step of the process.

To learn more about LED exit signs with battery backup, or to determine which model might be best for you, email your questions to or reach us anytime at (800) 480-0707.

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