Emergency Light Wall Recessed - 2 MR16 - Halogen or LED

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Recessed Hidden Emergency Light Cut Sheet

The Wall Recessed Hidden Emergency Light is specially designed for retrofitting in finished walls with a cavity (dry-wall with 4-inch studs) the Mini Revelation Series concealed emergency lighting equipment provides impressive illumination. In normal conditions (stand-by) the unit is completely concealed in the wall.


  • Each unit comes with two (2) MR-16 halogen lamps (standard). LED MR16 is optional.
  • The self-powered battery unit is contained in a heavy-duty galvanized steel back box that can be concealed in the wall or ceiling and includes a combined test switch and pilot light that is accessible through the frame.
  • The normally exposed parts of the unit (flat door and frame) are covered with a high-quality powder coated textured off-white finish that integrates well with most wall and ceiling paints. The surface finish can also be customized on site with paint, wallpaper or other coverings.
  • Power requirements: 120/277 Vac, 60 Hz, 0.25/0.12 Amp
  • PulsePlus Charger automatic charger is built around a micro-controller integrated circuit. Circuit standard features include current limiting, temperature-compensated cut-off voltage, brown-out transfer, low-voltage battery disconnect and battery lockout (prevents activation in DC mode until initial AC activation).
  • The equipment includes the electrical junction box and can be installed on a wall stud or ceiling beam with a simple U-shape bracket.
  • Evaluated to UL 924 Standard.
  • 5-year warranty on electrical parts (motor, electronic circuitry). Each unit is fully computer-tested and aligned mechanically for optimum operation.


The Wall Recessed Hidden Emergency Light is specifically designed to provide emergency lighting while being concealed within the walls or ceiling for a uniformed interior design. This series is an ideal application for office complexes, restaurants, hotels, other light commercial areas, apartments and recreational facilities. Providing at least 90 minutes of lighting with the maximum output.

External Specifications

In normal mode, the cover can be textured, colored, or even wall- papered to match any interior finish. No unauthorized access to lamp heads prevents tampering.

Electrical Specifications

120/277v AC dual-voltage operation is standard. Other voltages available upon request such as 220v and 240v. It has a low power consumption while on standby mode. It features an isolated switch mode power supply with regulated current and voltage output to lamp load and battery. Also with an automatic, controlled charge rate for fast charging and maximum battery life.

Code Compliance

U.L. Listed and meets or exceeds the following: U.L. 924, N.E.C. requirements and N.F.P.A. 101.


All components are guaranteed for 5 years and a separate 5 year warranty for the battery. The warranty does not cover physical damage, abuse or acts of God. Manufacturer reserves the right to charge for such repairs if deemed necessary.


It widely used for its ability to be concealed when not in use, in places where emergency lighting is required. But does not interfere with the overall interior design of the establishment.

Overall Value

The value of this unit lies in its application where it is imperative to have emergency lighting and keeping the emergency light concealed.