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New York City Approved Exit Signs

New York City Exit Signs has specific regulations and codes that differ from the rest of the United States. Throughout the rest of the country there are a wide variety of exit signs that are acceptable. New York City exit sign regulations more specific and strict, they are enforced by the New York City Building Department and apply to the five boroughs of NYC (Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and The Bronx). The exit sign guidelines for New York City differ from the rest of the United States by requiring:

  • 8" high letters with a 1" wide letter stroke
  • Red letter color only
  • Metal housing, either aluminum or steel
  • Must be electrically powered
  • Approved by the New York City Department

We carry a full line of New York City approved exit signs that are compliant, reliable, affordable, and efficient. All of our NYC exit signs models are UL Listed and come complete with a mounting bracket and instructions. Call us toll free today or email us now to request a quote, invoice, or for more information on these or any other models of exit signs and emergency lights that we offer.