White Housing Combo Exit Signs with Red Letters

Red is the universal color for danger and safety. You should look for bright red LED lighting built into your emergency signs. Red is also a good color that contrasts well with the white housing on our combo signs.

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Exit / Emergency Light Combos with Red Letters

Opt for the universally recognized color of safety and alertness with our bright red LED lighting integrated into our emergency signs. Red, contrasting sharply with the white housing of our combo signs, ensures clear visibility.

Our combo models feature emergency lamp heads positioned on the tops or sides. In the event of a power outage, these lights activate instantly, providing continuous illumination for extended periods, whether it be hours, months, or even years.

The sleek white housing design is a popular choice, offering versatility for both indoor and outdoor settings. Choose our white housing with red LED combos for a visually appealing option suitable for any environment. Ensure you select the appropriate sign tailored to your specific power source and building requirements.